How to Go About Your Blog Submission Process

The process of blog submission is more or less the same with the one involved in submitting new websites. However, you will have to take some distinct measures into consideration so as to ensure your blog is indexed efficiently.

Submitting your blog to different search engines entails different methods. By using the proper submission methods specified by each of leading search engines i.e. Google, MSN, and Yahoo, it’ll be pretty easy to ping for your blog anytime you post it.

The brief explanation provided below about submitting your blog to these search engines should help you get started;

Blog submission to Google

To submit your blog with Google, it is required that you create a sitemap. This is intended to avoid blog owners from resubmitting the exact blog that has been previously submitted. All you’ll be required to do after that is to keep updating the sitemap that has been created.

Also, if you are able to install a sitemap plug in, updating your sitemap will be done automatically for certain blogs such as WordPress.  After updating the sitemap, Google will also get an automatic alert be informed of fresh contents on your site.

Blog submission Methods with Yahoo! and MSN

Submitting your blog with Yahoo differs from the way it’s done on Google, because Yahoo makes use of site feed instead of Google’s sitemap. You can construct the blog’s site feed at the initial block. Also, submitting your blogs with ‘My Yahoo Page’ is equally beneficial, as this can speed up the process of adding your blog to be indexed on Yahoo’s blog search.

However, when it comes to MSN, which is the only one that doesn’t require initial creation of account unlike the former two, blog submission is basically done manually page-by-page. Meanwhile, there a several ways available on MSN to get your entire blog to show in search results.

Most of these ways are well explored by online marketing companies that offer several SEO packages.

SEO Services Biz is one of the proficient sites known that can handle this kind of job perfectly. Using such companies will safeguard you from going through unnecessary stress and saves you some time.

In conclusion, there are several blog directories that you can submit to, but if you are able to get listed on the three leading search engines, you can be rest assured that you are covered. You can also submit your blogs to directories that share the same niche with you.

By following the above stated points yourself or employing a competent SEO services provider, you’ll be able to get more than just blog submission, article or other content submissions, which is high quality traffic from across the globe.

Happy Blogging!