What Your SEO Services are Worth

Almost every enterprising business today needs to decide whether its SEO services are really worth paying for. Yet, it’s not a question of ‘if’. In a world driven by the web, survival of your business depends on vigorous online marketing.

So the question that every professional businessman must irrefutably ask himself would sound like: Do I really need to lay out some hard cash for my SEO services? To obtain some relevant information that you will need for making an informed decision, simply read on. In doing that, you will also gain some useful tips plus a potential insight into how these SEO service normally work for your success, prior to forging a decisive relationship with one of these online marketing companies.

Payment Models for SEO

On the whole, SEO companies typically offer the following four basic service types and payment models:

1. Monthly Retainer
This model requires clients to pay a fixed sum per month as a fee in direct reciprocation of an agreed service range. This payment model for SEO is generally considered the most popular, as the best possible ROI is provided through it. The monthly retainer-ship arrangement commonly includes optimisation, keyword search, link building, press releases, content improvements on-site and regular flow of analytics reports.

What Your SEO Services are Worth

2. Fixed Price Contract Services

Almost all SEO companies are engaged in selling services on a contractual basis. Often, prior to engaging the monthly retainer arrangement, clients select contractual services which they seek to have first accomplished. Services offered by SEO companies are usually advertised via websites, in addition to a price list. For instance, website audits that help to determine the online presence of clients displaying their existing SEO weaknesses and strengths, keywords that allow the most potential for returning positive ROI, as well as competitive analysis.

3. Pricing Based On Project

Fees for a project are comparable to contractual services, except that these projects are normally customised and specifically created for that client. Naturally, there will be project-wise variations in the final price. For instance, a local retailer may request an SEO company to assist them with online marketing in their local vicinity. The client comes to the decision that they would like the company to organise their accounts on selected social media sites. In collaboration with that retailer, the SEO company will now proceed to establish the overall scope and pricing based on that specific project.

4. Hourly Consulting

This popular consulting model operates on ‘per hour fee’ in direct reciprocation of services or desired information rendered.
Like us at seo.cfagbata.com, most other SEO companies also make use of all these four payment models. Similarly, you as our esteemed client may decide to select more than a single model. For instance, you decide it is best for your business to go for our monthly retainer program, purchase our contract service, as well as engage yourself in a specific project with us, thus engaging three of our payment models. What you are 100% guaranteed is: you’ll never regret this decision!

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